Joshua’s Story

Mum, Alberta said: “Joshua is God-sent and every day is precious to us. We want to give the best and have wonderful memories for all of us. Richard House is like a refuge, an oasis of calm for us!”

Joshua, three, and his brother Jonathan, four (and a very important half) are regular visitors to Richard House, along with their mum and dad. He has a life-limiting mitochondria disorder and when he was born the hospital wasn’t sure how long he had to live.

Dad, Amge, relaxing in the sunshine watching Jonathan playing with the staff said; “I was not keen on coming to a hospice, you have ideas about what they are like. But I came here and just thought ‘wow’. The staff are so professional, the equipment is amazing and it is like a home from home with a warm and friendly welcome by everyone here.

“We can relax, have fun, have a break, with no pressure, all together as a family.”

Mum, Alberta added; “But most important is what they can give to Joshua, a chance to socialise with other children and adults in a different, but safe environment, play and have storytime. He doesn’t like new places but took to Richard House straight away, probably due to its homely feel.

“There is no cure but we are determined Joshua gets all the care he needs and to live every joyful day.”

“Richard House is a second home and we are very grateful to be able to access their amazing facilities.” Read More